Be Careful If You Buy Stuff On Gumtree

Ebay, Gumtreee and similar “second hand” websites are always great for finding the one or the other bargain or rare treasure. Then again, if you love to shop on such websites, caution is always advised.

Did you know that Gumtree alone is hit by 250 fraud claims each end every week? Websites where private individuals can offer and sell goods on the internet are always appealing for scammers and those large sites such as Gumtree are especially liked by those criminals.

One rather common scheme on Gumtree would be that a property is offered up for rent and the alleged “landlord” is asking for a hefty security deposit in advance. When you then finally want to inspect the rental in question you will find it’s not even up for rent and then your money will be long gone. Always use common sense if you do business on such websites and most importantly don’t ever pay money in advance. Be aware that if something sounds to be good to be true it more often than not really is.


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