My Gym Recommendation for East London

It’s definitely not that easy to find a good gym in the capital. I’m putting an emphasis on “good” here, because I am talking about actually good and recommended fitness gyms and not one of the many large, bargain gyms. These of course you won’t have a problem finding because they are shooting up like mushrooms in London in recent times.

london-fields-gym-classesFor me, a good gym means that their staff is friendly and that they have knowledgeable trainers as opposed to inexperienced students who otherwise don’t have anything to do with fitness and health.

If you ask me, it is ridiculous if you go to one of these “cheap” gym chains in London and ask some guy thereĀ  if he can explain how to use the machine or something like that and he lets you know that he has no idea.

Or he may tell you he cant help you because he’s only working the desk.

From my experience, this is totally different with some of the better gyms in London which most often are not any of those large, well-known fitness studios.

Obviously I had the same problem like I just described here in East London. It took me several months going from one gym to the other just to find one that I really liked. Ultimately, I ended up with London Fields Fitness where I am really happy.

The best thing about London Fields is that they have a big number of different classes on offer as well. They have yoga classes, several different courses for losing weight or building muscles and many more. And each and every time these classes are a lot of fun with the trainers really knowing their stuff!

So if you’re still looking for a good gym in East London you may want to check them out!


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Money Saving Tips For Families

Those who have babies don’t have it easy especially if money is tight. Things such as diapers, baby wipes and quality baby foods can cost a lot of money. It’s for that reason no surprise that a good number of families in the United Kingdom struggle facing such costs.

On the other hand, there are plenty of things you can do to save money if you have a big family!

Did you know that many of the known brands for things such as baby food or hygiene products have clubs you can join that can often give you substantial savings?

Then of course there are coupons or reward cards you could also take advantage of.

Here is a great article with ten money saving tips for families with small children. Check it out, it covers all of the above things along with other money saving tips such as buying in bulk.

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